The Δelta

Features + Δ =

Everyone’s got features. Here’s something more: absolute flexibility.
Read how is designed to give you greater control than any
other chat platform.

As private as you need it to be

Delivering in a Docker container truly solidifies our commitment to enabling greater control.

Because you don’t just access using APIs – you run the entire platform on your tech stack with ease and keep something important, closeby.

That gives you the flexibility to decide how it works with your existing services, to stick to the security of your own network, and to manage cluster-wide deployments your way, with solutions like Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

As declarative as your rules’s declarative architecture is one-of-a-kind.

It’s what powers our infinitely useful ACLs, letting you implement any rule for entities in the platform, using simple declarative statements. This mean you can build in-app logic that’s simply a compiled output of your real-world rules.

This declarative architecture of the platform is what will always set apart. Because it gives you the power to build purpose-built chat apps & messaging solutions that precisely fit your needs.

As flexible as a database

At its core, is designed to act like a database for messaging.

It emulates how databases works – extremely low-level and abstract enough that you never have to re-engineer it to serve a specific need. It’s designed to serve every possible need.

The results: Add the power of messaging into any app in seconds; create absolutely any chat-centric workflow with ease; and focus on building your app without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Flexibility isn’t just a feature.

It’s the design – and the delta – of

Want to learn more about Containers? is a truly fresh take on how you consume and build with chat APIs, so we understand if you have questions. Read our Docs to understand how Containers work, how to set one up and how to start building with them!

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