Use cases

Messaging has proven that its potential goes far beyond just the 'Instant Messaging' apps from two decades ago. Here's how the chat API lets you enrich experiences across a variety of fields.



Provide users a delightful way to connect with drivers, delivery execs and more through rich chat experiences, like location-sharing, updates or good ol' texting.

Customer Support

Make Customer Support Great Again through seamless support experiences designed at the nexus of your business needs and your customers' expectations.

Team Collaboration

Give your workforce a massive productivity boost by designing communication that works in line with your ops logic and business workflows.


Breathe new life into ecommerce with hyper-personalised online shopping experiences, connecting buyers & sellers, and easier checkouts, all in one place.

Dating Chat

Empower people across the world to connect with each other through fun in-chat experiences, while providing a safety-conscious environment.

Logistics Chat

Running a complex supply-chain across all touchpoints? Want delivery updates that don't suck? Connect everyone involved, in one simple window.

Healthcare Chat

A message a day could keep hospital visits away. Connect patients to their doctors and healthcare teams in a seamless, remote and purposeful manner.

Geo-location Chat

Chat marks the spot! Connect people based on their location with incredible ease; enable rich hyperlocal communities; build strong online-to-offline communication channels!

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