Everything you need and then some

Mitter.io offers an exhaustive list of features that help you customize the platform, get building faster, and let you customize your chat app down to every specific need.

Plug-in Framework

Plug-ins allow you to add your own custom features & functionalities to Mitter.io. You can write plug-ins right into your Mitter.io container, to modify the behaviour of the platform and its components in real time.

Chat UI Framework

Go from zero to seeing messages in your chat app without writing boilerplate code. Our UI Framework provides you custom UI elements like chat bubbles, read icons and more out of the box, so you get to the actual building faster.

Access Control Lists for Granular Permissions

Build custom logic into your chat app using simple rules and permissions for various components. ACLs are simple declarative statements that apply on all components – including messages, timeline events, users & messages.

Custom Profiles & Metadata

Create custom profile attributes for your app’s channels & users, depending on your app’s purpose. Attach queryable metadata to messages, channels and users to easily build filtering functionalities.

Developer Dashboard

Because everyone loves a neat little place that isn’t tainted by failed builds & crashing code. Our Dashboard is an easy way to setup & manage all your apps, users & more.

Channels, Messages & More

Setup direct or group channels in just two clicks, enable more than just text messages with custom message payloads.

Rich Media Support

Out of the box functionality to support and include various rich media types in your chat app, like images, audio, video & more.

Typing Indicators

Easily add typing indicators to your app with a simple API call and customise them to match your app’s style.

User Presence

Online? Offline? Away? In the loo? Mitter.io gives you a rich user presence API to make your chat app that much personal.

Timeline Events

Easily denote the various events happening on the messages & channels in your app, like read receipts & user presence notifications.

Advanced Roles & Permissions

Create custom roles and add your own permissions to channels, messages and users in your app to define or enable custom behaviour.

SDKs & Standard Component Library

Build for mobile, web or back end with multi-platform chat SDKs. Set up your basic UI in just minutes with our standard component library.

More Features Coming

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We’re game! Our incredibly talented team of developers and product experts can conceptualize, prototype, and build your final production-grade app. We work hand-in-hand with clients to ensure the highest quality output for every project.

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