Who We Are

We love programming.
We’re developers.
And we love building awesome tools for developers.

Mitter.io isn’t just another messaging platform and chat API – it’s a product created with a very specific goal: to make full use of messaging and its powers.

Developers use Mitter.io to build amazing messaging-driven experiences – whether its a new and feature-rich chat app, exciting messaging-driven experiences, or enterprise-grade solutions for a business’ workforce or their customers.

All of it, made possible by a simple philosophy: make no assumptions about what people will create, and provide them the flexibility to build whatever they want to.

All of it, enabled by features built around this philosophy: from our one-of-a-kind ACL-driven Permissions Architecture, our powerful Custom Payloads Model for messages, and a suite of low-level tooling that empowers developers to unleash their skill and creativity.

The Mitter.io Team

They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert on any subject. So we guess it’s a good thing that the Mitter.io team has around 200,000 hours of collective experience in the programming space.

With work-ex from across the world’s largest tech outfits -- including Google, Amazon. Microsoft and Oracle -- the Mitter.io team knows a thing or two about the developer world and the products and services that the developer community loves.

A fun side effect of all this is that every Mitter.io product is and will always be designed around the core needs and wants of developers -- that includes flexibility, ease and total control.

Want to join the team?

We’re hiring.
Write to us: careers@mitter.io