Containerised Chat Platform

A Docker container that combines all the chat APIs you’ll ever need to build amazing messaging products, with a powerful dashboard to manage it all. Want one?

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Designed and Built for

Absolute Control and
No Assumptions

The core of is a messaging processor that works at the same abstraction level as your database, user store, etc., empowering you to create absolutely anything around messaging. Stay focused on building your perfect app, while we handle the rest!

Abstract yet all-powerful, like a database – simply hook in to build what you want

Extreme low-level control on every feature of the platform.

Scale easily with an infrastructure built to handle millions of messages

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A Powerful Chat Platform’s features don’t just let you build chat quickly – they make developers’ lives easy and their apps awesome. So that you can focus on achieving the big picture, instead of worrying about it.

Access Control Lists

Define custom behaviours and rules for your users, messages, channels and more

Custom Profiles

Create custom profile attributes for your app’s channels and users

Developer dashboard

Access and view all your apps & their properties in just a few clicks

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Freshly Baked and

Delivered In A Docker Container

The entire platform ships in a Docker container that you can self-host and run on your own tech stack and network. That means greater independence for your service and complete control over your app’s security & privacy.

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Shipping soon Containers will be available to download in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, you can preview all
features using our cloud API.


All For You is built by developers, for developers.

We are borderline obsessed with building amazing sh*t for developers, and is a reflection of just that. It’s a platform that’s about more than just features – it’s designed for ease, pure flexibility, and complete control over the amazing chat apps you’re building.

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