Private Cloud Chat API & Messaging Infrastructure is an incredibly flexible chat API platform delivered in Docker Containers. Build & run powerful chat experiences within your own high-trust environment.

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Hi there! is free, powerful, and has everything you need – features, recipes, starter guides, demo apps and a whole lot more.

Watch our intro video for a primer on’s features and concepts, delivered by Rohan, our CTO.

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Control freaks, welcome lets you define every single part of your setup – from where it runs, how it integrates with other services, to how it uses your data.

Configure the platform to run on your own tech stack

Use our plug-in framework to add your own functionalities to

Connect to your other services, like analytics, CRM and more (coming soon)

Coming Soon!

Hulk out with plug-ins’s framework for plug-ins allows you to augment the platform to your needs by writing custom functionalities & logic right into the platform.

  • Write plug-ins to listen & react to events within
  • Write your plug-ins in JavaScript, Ruby, Python, R or Java
  • Reach the plug-in through an API proxy
  • Store data with a data persistence API

Write plug-ins for features like:

Content Filtering

Filter and redact content based on keywords.

Sign-up Control

Limit what domains users can sign up from.

Feed Replication

Consolidate messages from multiple channels.

Confide in containers ships in Docker Containers, which means you don’t just access – you own the entire platform. It’s the most security-focused way to build your chat app.

  • Pull a Container to setup a truly private chat server in minutes
  • Install & run the entire platform on servers & networks under your control
  • Maintain complete control & ownership of your data and where it’s transmitted

Build it all with one API

From adding chat to your app or website, to creating unique messaging apps across all platforms, does it all. Build a chat experience for your:

On-demand App

Personalize on-demand experiences like cab booking & food ordering

Online Marketplace

Connect buyers & sellers and make online shopping more engaging


Give your chatbot the home it deserves without building from scratch

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And a ton of features exists so that you can build epic apps around messaging – with zero limitations. Our low-level tooling lets you build chat apps with any functionality you can dream up.

Access Control Lists

Define custom behaviours and rules for your users, messages, channels and more

Custom Profiles

Create custom profile attributes for your app’s channels and users

Custom Payloads

Enable custom message types for location sharing, payments, and more

Explore all features

Meet Sandbox

A hassle-free way to try on-cloud & quickly prototype apps.

  • Simply sign up & start prototyping with our hosted Chat API's
  • Fully-featured Developer Dashboard for easy setup & testing of apps
  • Easily migrate all data & configurations to a production container (coming soon)

Built by Developers for Developers

We are borderline obsessed with building amazing sh*t for developers, and is a reflection of just that. It’s a platform that’s about more than just features – it’s designed for ease, pure flexibility, and complete control over the amazing chat apps you’re building.

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